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If you are considering a medical tour to a foreign destination, please consider Cali, Colombia. Colombia now receives over 50,000 visitors each year seeking more affordable, high quality medical services and has become a premier destination. Most visitors are from the USA and Europe and most are women seeking plastic surgery, but a growing number are seeking high quality dental work. Cali has over 40 specialized clinics for plastic surgery and we have selected the best that have English speaking personnel and offer:

  • breast augmentation
  • liposuction
  • gluten augmentation
  • facial surgery and more

Doctors are board certified and most have trained abroad. Cali has a ratio of five plastic surgeons per 1,000 people, the highest in Colombia. Most services and surgeries are about 75% less than the cost in the USA or Europe.

Dental Services

There are over 2,000 dentists in Cali and we only work with the top clinics. English is spoken in our selected clinics and the cost of procedures is approximately 75% less than the cost in the USA. The following services are offered by our clinics:

  • general dentistry
  • implants
  • crowns
  • dentures
  • braces
  • bridges
  • root canals
  • whitening

Colombia is now one of the fastest growing economies in South America and the world. Tens of thousands of tourist are now pouring into Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin and Cali. You can enjoy an exotic vacation while receiving first class medical care. What you save on your medical services will offset your travel and vacation expenses. We offer a hands on experience to see you through the process and offer:

  • airport pickup
  • personnel to take you to your medical appointments
  • translators
  • apartment rentals
  • guides to take to points of interest day or night

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